Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just incase you're wondering....

You may be asking yourself why the heck my tile was changed to Buttons and Pies. I mean, what do these two things have in common anyway? Well, these are the nicknames we've somehow created for our girls.

Button- This is Madison's nickname. Emma cannot pronouce Madison so it comes out sounding like "button". I think its adorable!!

Pie- This is obviously Emma. This nickname has evolved from two of her attributes. First, her sweet belly! I love my girls little belly. It looks like a pie to me. During her infant years we would call it Emma's pie and that evolved to her wanting to be called Emma Pie. When you ask what her name is, she will proudly tell you EMMA PIE!! One day Madison said, "Emma is as sweet as pie, right mom?" And yes, she is the sweetest girl ever. So, the name has stuck.

We're a weird bunch, I know!

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