Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mom, Emma is looking at me!!

This morning as I was dropping the girls off at my aunt's all I could hear was Madison yelling at Emma, "Stop looking at me! You're creeping me out Emma! Mom, Emma is looking at me! She's not giving me privacy"

It just so happens that I read a friend's blog yesterday describing a very similar car ride with her two girls.

Now, I expected this to happen eventually but not so soon. Let the bickering begin!!


Ellie said...

It will continue to amaze you what "sisters" will say to each other....enjoy the ride!

Kelli said...
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Kelli said...

Yes it started for us around a year old and hasn't stopped yet, just try and find the humor in it or it will end up driving you crazy.

Wait until Emma starts repeating Madison:-P

The Neely Family said...

That is too funny! Cooper said something similar the other day and I was thinking...the honeymoon is over. It was the first "bad" thing he's said about Madelyn. "Mommy, she's looking at me and won't stop!!"

Your girls are so cute! I know it will be fun...even when they aren't getting along!!!