Monday, March 23, 2009

The Dutchman

Madison just finished her second season of soccer with the Dutchman!! (Not sure what a Dutchman is really.) She was very excited about her trophy and the spinning soccer ball on it.

The whole team

With her BFF, Molly

As we walked to the car after the last game she asked, "Does this mean I'm good?" Of course I answered yes. Is she the star of the team? Well, maybe not. Madison is just too girly for soccer, yes you can blame me. She skips around the field, runs on her tippy toes and cries an average of three times per game. She did make a goal this season, an improvement from last season, and tries every week. That is all I can ask from a 4 year old. She loves her teammates and looks forward to Saturday morning games.

Since this is an indoor year round league, we'll start another season in two weeks. Maybe next season she'll score 2 goals. Baby steps people!


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The Neely Family said...

Oh, that is so sweet! You go, Madi!!!