Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School

Well, I obviously skipped summer, because we are already back to school!! Both girls started school this year. Madison is enrolled in Kindergarten (ALREADY, YIKES) and Emma started preschool at a darling little school we found. Madison was of course VERY excited!! She went to bed early, woke up happy as can be and was ready for her first day. Now, let's just hope this positive attitude continues throughout the year. I'm sure in a week, it'll be back to having to be dragged out of bed, moaning and groaning about being tired and leaving the house with a not so huge smile. Emma on the other hand was very confused about the whole thing. I'm sure she thought we were just going on a very nice trip. Here are some snapshots of the girls' first day of school.

And a few of Madison's second day. I decided to give the breakfast a try and ate with her.

This girl is just way too excited for school! I love it!!