Monday, November 9, 2009

"Pease" Mama

After many many attempts at getting Emma to sign please she ended up saying the very improtant word for the first time this weekend. "Peeeeaaase" (with hands held together) is probably the cutest thing a little one year old can say. Especially to her mother who is obsessed with manners. Bribing with candy was not a good idea on my part though. Everytime she said please this weekend she got a gummy. Good motivation don't you think? After a whole weekend of getting rewarded with candy my poor Emma had to learn the aweful truth that please doesn't always get you want you want. This morning as I was getting all of us ready for our day she takes me by the hand to the pantry, puts her little hands together and says, "Pease mama, pease." in the sweetest way. When she realized she was not getting a gummy she stomps her little feet saying, "PEASE PEASE PEASE!!!" in a not so cute way. Well, she didn't get the candy but she did get a banana. And by her upset little face it was not a reasonable replacement.

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