Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Friends

It seems that everytime I mention something about Madison her best friend is often mentioned so I thought I'd add a blog about her first real best friend. Madison & Molly met in Montessori school in the fall of 2007, seems so long ago now. They seemed to hit it off right away and were always together in their class. We (Molly's mom and I) think it was due to them being the only two little girls who were big talkers. These girls can talk FOREVER! They seem to have so much in common. They're both big sisters (Berkeley and Emma are also close in age), both are VERY girly, both of their moms love Gymboree (hee hee) and they are both the sweetest little girls. They've played soccer together and will soon start ballet. We are very sad that they will no longer be in the same school but know that they will continue to be the best of friends.

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