Friday, June 26, 2009

::14 Month Update::

Emma has been keeping me busy so I have yet to post a little update on her so here it goes. She is going on 14 months old and is such a little firecracker. She love running around the house, playing behind the curtain, crawling behind the couch, climbing the couch and Madison's bed. It is no wonder she always has some kind of bruise on her head.

She is starting to communicate more, when I say communicate I don't mean talking. Emma has learned a few words in sign language, thank you and milk. But she has developed a few things of her own. She will smack her lips when she's hungry, bark when she sees a dog, bites me when she's sleepy and brings me her shoes when she wants to go outside. We're working on the talking but so far it's only mama and dada. She also says "coco" alot but we have yet to determine what it actually means.

Of my two girls, Emma is the silliest. We used to call Madison silly monkey and Emma is following suit. She puts plates of food on her head, makes silly faces, and immitates her daddy snoring all just to make us laugh. She loves it when we laugh at things she does. Maybe she'll be some sort of performer? She loves attention!

We are loving this stage and seeing her personality develop. I'll be sure to post recent pics and write an update on Madison as well.

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