Thursday, October 23, 2008

The cutest flower girl.....

This past weekend one of my best friends, Linda, got married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Madison was asked to be the flower girl and she enjoyed every minute of it. She just loves being the center of attention so this was perfect for her. She did so well!! Followed the wedding coordinator's directions and for the most part stayed still during the ceremony. She was a little confused with the whole rehearsal aspect of it though. She thought it was the actual wedding! She was so tired that she fell asleep during the rehearsal dinner and was so upset the following morning because she missed the cake. I think she gets the love of cake from her daddy!! I reassured her that there would be more cake the following day.

The next day we spent the morning getting our hair done, which she loved. (She gets the love of being pampered from mommy.)I was relieved that she remembered her instructions from the rehearsal and walked down with Linda's nephews without any issues. Once again, she knocked out during the reception and missed the cake! Luckily, she didn't remember the next morning.

We are all so happy for Linda and Javi! They had an amazing wedding and I'm sure they'll have an amazing marriage.

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Finleypotamus said...

She is gorgeous just like her Mama. Love the wedding colors too... poor girl, get her some cake! lol :)